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Q&A with Mr. Iain Fergusson from Fillworth – meet them at booth 7/E45 in Stuttgart – COMPOSITES EUROPE show

August 24th, 2015 | By Angela in aerospace, Aerospace Industry, Architecture, Automotive Industry, Business, Composite production, Construction Industry, consulting, Design, Engineering, Exhibitors, Fiber, Innovation, Manufacturing, Marine, Technology | No Comments »

Q: Please introduce yourself. What are your responsibilities within your company Fillworth UK Ltd?

A: My name is Iain Fergusson, Sales Executive at Fillworth (UK) Ltd, responsible for sales and new business development of our range of Industrial Mixing Equipment. To the UK / European and global markets.

Q: Could you give us a quick overview of your company Fillworth UK Ltd?

A: Fillworth (UK) Ltd specializes in the design and manufacture of high performance, advanced technology industrial mixing machines and the associated processing technology.  We are positioned in the upper, quality segment of the market for this type of equipment, which is sold predominantly but not exclusively to the various branches of the composites and chemicals manufacturing industries.

We focus by tradition on some of the more demanding applications in adhesives, fillers and sealants, and this includes the processing of advanced composite raw materials. This latter places special demands on the technology and equipment used to achieve the desired end results.

Our USP is that as a specialist manufacturer we can adapt and customize our machines to individual customer requirements more so than is the case with some of our larger competitors.  Where this results in a machine that is more fit for purpose, the advantages in the long term are obvious.

Many of our machines are still in active service after 25 years, with only the occasional need of attention from our dedicated mobile service engineers. Read Full Post

Airbus flies with composites

April 14th, 2010 | By Thorsten Holtz in Aerospace Industry | 1 Comment »

When the new Airbus A350 XWB (XWB stands for eXtra Wide Body) takes off on its maiden flight in two years time, this will also represent a milestone for the composites industry. 50% of the fuselage of the wide-bodied aircraft, which is being developed as a competitor to the Boeing 787, is made of composite materials. Last summer, Airbus purchased Read Full Post