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COMPOSITES EUROPE show, Stuttgart – new BLOG Interview with Mr. Henning Korngiebel from SONOTEC – booth number 7/E02

September 21st, 2015 | By Angela in aerospace, Automotive Industry, Business, Composite production, Construction Industry, Design, Engineering, Exhibitors, Fiber, Innovation, Technology | No Comments »

Q: Please introduce yourself. What are your responsibilities within your company SONOTEC?

A: Hello, my name is Henning Korngiebel and I’m the Non-destructive Material Testing Sales Engineer for SONOTEC. My duties include determining market and customer requirements, visiting clients and developing solutions to their non-destructive testing equipment needs.


Mr. Henning Korngiebel, SONOTEC

Q: Could you give us a quick overview of your company SONOTEC?

A: SONOTEC, founded 1991, is a growing technology company that provides specific solutions using ultrasonic measurement technologies. With more than 120 employees, of that 28 in R&D, we develop and produce our entire range of ultrasonic technologies in our own laboratories and production site.

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Q&A with Dirk Stübel, Sales Manager for Composites, P-D Glasseiden GmbH Oschatz.

September 20th, 2013 | By Thorsten Holtz in aerospace, Aerospace Industry, Automotive Industry, Business, Design, Fiber, Innovation | No Comments »

Q: Please introduce yourself. What are your responsabilities within your company?
A: I´m now 5 years with P-D. My responsibility is in Sales for Carbon fibers and Glass fibers. P-D main focus is on Aerospace, Wind Energy, Automotive, Sports and Marine.
And in some cases industrial moulding. My personal focus are Aerospace industries suppliers.

Foto 2








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Interview with Maximilian Hacker, owner of BRComposites at the COMPOSITES EUROPE 2011

Oktober 17th, 2011 | By Angela in Allgemein, Automotive Industry, Boatbuilders, Business, Composite production, COMPOSITES Forum, Construction Industry, consulting, Design, Engineering, Exhibitors, General, Innovation, Sports industry, Technology | No Comments »


Maximilian Hacker is 25 years old and the owner of BRComposites. He absolved his training as procedural mechanics of plastic and rubber technology, specialized in fibre composites.

 Activities previous to his self-employment:

  1. Fischer & Entwicklung Landshut
  2. Pilatus Aircraft Schweiz
  3. Company with Formel 1 experience   (company name is not mentioned because of legal reasons)


MH: Maximilian Hacker

CE: Please introduce yourself. Who are you and what is your responsibility at BRComposites?

MH: BRComposites has exists for two years now. We are a young and very innovative company with a continuous strong growth. Furthermore, we think that  well-trained employees and to the original rules of craftsmanship are very important.

I am proud to say that we are already training employees. In my opinion there is still a lack of skilled workers in the composites industry.

We develop and offer individual production to our customers. Productions up to 10,000 standard parts are easily possible. In this way the volume of production is growing. Our production is done without autoclaves and everything is hand-made.
















CE: So how did you experience the COMPOSITES EUROPE 2011 show? What are your impressions?

MH: This is the first time for BRComposites as an exhibitor at the COMPOSITES EUROPE. Actually we have been planning the first exhibition in 2016. At least that has been the conclusion of a family dinner. However, by coincidental, I got a phone call from the COMPOSITES EUROPE team the next day. During this conversation I received information about a funding possibility through BMWi. Because of the funding possibility and the sponsoring by Jost Chemicals, which is a close partner, we decided to book a booth for the COMPOSITES EUROPE 2011.

Mr. Hacker was reacting spontaneously when we asked him about his feelings as participant of the CE 2011. He was euphorically describing the exhibition as gigantic. The company had a huge success, a great number of good meetings and contacts. The booth was constantly busy because so many visitors were interested in their products. In his opinion, the exhibition service and the whole organisation was very commendable.

We closed the interview by talking about the presentation of innovations brought by BRC.

BRComposites presented flexible carbon protectors which is already used e.g. by the v. The jacket (have a look at the picture) in the background is specially made for extreme mountainbikers and is equipped with flexible carbon protectors. All visitors have been wondering what kind of material this is. However, we could not get any detailed information.

Thank you so much for the interesting and open conversation with Mr. Hacker.

Expansion of renewable energies creating boom in composites

August 31st, 2011 | By Angela in Allgemein, Architecture, Business, Construction Industry, Design, Electronics, Engineering, Innovation, Technology, Wind Energy Industry | No Comments »

Done and dusted. The German government’s decision to withdraw from nuclear energy has also paved the way for the development of renewable forms of energy. The proportion of electricity generation from renewable sources is expected to rise to at least 80 percent by 2050. Wind energy is planned to play a major role in this. Last year the sector contributed 7.9 percent to the total amount of electricity generated in Germany.

The energy policy of the German government includes giving greater support to offshore wind farms. The remuneration for this power is to be raised to 15 cents per kilowatt hour. Operators of onshore wind turbines will continue to receive up to 10.2 cents per kilowatt hour. 0.5 cents are paid for power from new wind parks if the old equipment went online before 2002. The new turbine should also deliver twice the amount of power than the old one.

Example of how the crystal structure could be used in the rotor blade of a wind turbine. (Photo: Wüstefeld)

Example of how the crystal structure could be used in the rotor blade of a wind turbine. (Photo: Wüstefeld)

These factors therefore represent healthy prospects for the future of the wind power sector. The manufacturers of fibre-reinforced composites are also expecting to benefit from this development – because modern wind turbines are inconceivable without glass and carbon fibre-reinforced plastics. The organisers of the international Composites Europe (CE) exhibition, to be held from 27 to 29 September 2011 in Stuttgart, recognised this early on and are giving the industry the platform it deserves. Well-known producers and processors of fibre composites for the wind energy sector and the relevant machine producers and suppliers get together each year at the event.

But it is not only the presence of the big names which makes a visit to the exhibition so worthwhile. Jens-Hagen Wüstefeld from Starnberg, for instance, has developed a crystalline structure as a lightweight construction element. It yields an 85 percent reduction in weight, lower manufacturing costs, outstanding rigidity and design flexibility in comparison to a solid material. Starting out with a geometric concept, he made a three dimensional lattice from triangles, similar to a crystal structure. Any forces applied to such a symmetrical grid are distributed optimally to adjacent surfaces and edges.

These lightweight elements can be manufactured to any scale, from any materials and in any form – including those appropriate for wind turbines. The resulting reduced weight of the tower would allow the foundation to be simplified. And the lower weight of the rotor would result in lower bearing loads and therefore reduced wear and greater efficiency in the entire turbine. The reduced amounts of materials required would also reduce production costs. Individual segments can easily be joined together, simplifying both transportation and erection.

Automated cutting systems, material handling equipment and design software.

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::: NEWSFLASH ::::: Exhibitor News :::::

BUFFALO, New York – October 13, 2010 – Eastman Machine Company, a U.S. based manufacturing company specializing in cutting equipment, announces that it has appointed RH Schneidtechnik (Solingen), Germany, to represent its line of Read Full Post

Environmentally friendly and cost-reducing: fiber-reinforced composites are setting trends in lightweight design for the trucking industry – Part2

Mai 18th, 2010 | By Thorsten Holtz in Automotive Industry, Trucks | No Comments »

Sustainability and energy efficiency: What does the future look like for international freight traffic? What new approach can freight forwarders and logistics specialists adopt, so that they are able to transport their clients’ large loads under favorable conditions? How can such an approach ensure high environmental standards? The solution lies in lightweight design for trucks and freight containers, where fuel consumption and transport costs are reduced, CO2 emissions are lowered and climate friendliness is increased.

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Urban microcar or super sports vehicle – Composites lower both weight and consumption

März 18th, 2010 | By Thorsten Holtz in Automotive Industry | 2 Comments »

The first is 2.59 meters long with an efficient electric motor designed for nipping round towns and cities (top speed 120 km/h).

Rinspeed UC

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WPC-Innovationspreis 2009

Dezember 17th, 2009 | By Angela in Architecture, Awards, Biocomposites, Biomaterials, Innovation | No Comments »

Während des Dritten Deutschen WPC-Kongresses war ein besonderer Höhepunkt die Vergabe des WPC-Innovationspreises, der weitere neue Anwendungen offenbarte.

Um den WPC-Innovationspreis 2009, der von der Firma Reifenhäuser GmbH & Co. KG (Troisdorf) gesponsert wurde, hatten sich 15 Unternehmen beworben, die im Jahr 2009 ein neues WPC-Produkt auf den Markt gebracht hatten. Eine Jury aus Sponsoren, Partnern des Kongresses und Mitarbeitern des nova-Instituts nominierte drei Unternehmen für den Preis. Auf dem Kongress stellte jedes Unternehmen sein Produkt in einem Kurzvortrag vor, anschließend wählte das Publikum den Sieger:

Reifenhäuser WPC - Innovationspreis 2009 Preisverleihung WPC-Innovationspreis 2010

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COMPOSITES EUROPE presents specialist programme covering trends and innovations

Oktober 5th, 2009 | By Angela in Aerospace Industry, Automotive Industry, Biocomposites, Business, Composite production, COMPOSITES Forum, Construction Industry, Exhibitors, Innovation, Product Demonstration Area, Software, Wind Energy Industry | No Comments »

CE_Composites_Forum_1_webTechnical principles, trends and innovations – in an international lecture forum, the COMPOSITES EUROPE trade fair will again present specialist lectures on current topics relevant to the industry in 2009. The COMPOSITES Forum will focus on all areas of composite applications. Topics range from crash-safe materials in the automotive field to sandwich panels in aircraft construction, from growth potential in the construction of wind energy parks to production and machining processes for composites. The programme features a total of 26 lectures and presentations in English and German.

From damage simulation to serial production
New technologies for the serial production of carbon-reinforced plastics (CRP) will be demonstrated by the IKV – Institut für Kunststoffverarbeitung of RWTH Aachen. The IKV scientists developed three new process chains enabling the production of materials with a fibre content exceeding 50 percent in less than ten minutes.

The mechanical behaviour of CRP sandwich panels in practical tests is explained by the speakers from Fraunhofer IWM for CRP foam core sandwich panels. In its lecture, the Fraunhofer Entwicklungszentrum für Röntgentechnik (EZRT) presents non-invasive test procedures, from 3D computer tomography to radioscopy to thermography and ultrasonic techniques.

Dassault Systemes Simulia provides information on possibilities for FEM analysis of lightweight fibre composite structures. The use of the finite element method allows predictions on processes of damage and failure in supercritical load conditions.

The combination of highly elastic composites and aesthetically pleasing design is demonstrated by Huntsman and D3 who cooperated closely in designing a sophisticated carbon fibre chair moulded in four parts. Products from Huntsman’s Araldite series were used in the project. The two companies show how complex parts can be produced simply and cost-effectively using simple tooling technology.

The COMPOSITES Forum is located in Hall 4 and designed as an open lecture area. Admission is free for all trade fair visitors.

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Show Preview: COMPOSITES EUROPE 2009 – Industrial fair on growth course

Oktober 5th, 2009 | By Angela in Aerospace Industry, Automotive Industry, Biocomposites, Biomaterials, Business, Exhibitors, Innovation, Wind Energy Industry | No Comments »

ce_11821661With new themes, new special forums and a 15-percent increase in exhibitor numbers, the COMPOSITES EUROPE 2009 specialist fair is gaining momentum. At its fourth edition to be held from 27 to 29 October in Stuttgart, more than 300 exhibitors will present technologies and products covering the entire value creation chain of fibre-reinforced plastics. The spotlight will be on innovative solutions for important application industries such as vehicle construction, aircraft construction and aerospace as well as the building and construction sector.

Key players of the industry such as AOC Resins, Exel Composites and Huntsman will once again be present in Stuttgart. In Krauss-Maffei, RAMPF Tooling, Henkel, DSM Composites Resins, Carbon Composites e.V., Zoltek and Cam Elyaf, however, COMPOSITES EUROPE could also win major new exhibitors this year. The organisers succeeded in bringing almost the entire sector of automated cutting to Stuttgart with Gerber Technology, Lectra, Expert Systemtechnik, Topcut-Bullmer and Zünd Systemtechnik AG.

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