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Q&A with Mr. Holzner from hmb composite – Blog Interview – COMPOSITES EUROPE show in Stuttgart – booth number 7/F41

September 14th, 2015 | By Angela in Automotive Industry, Business, Composite production, Construction Industry, Design, Engineering, Exhibitors, Fiber, Manufacturing | No Comments »

Q: Please introduce yourself. What are your responsibilities within your company Holzner Maschinenbau GmbH?

A: My name is Michael Holzner, I’m the founder and CEO of the Holzner Maschinenbau GmbH and Carbonice(.net). As we are a young company my focus is on stable growth, also a reason why we have a booth on Composites Europe exhibition, to find new partners to pursue our innovative business.


Q: What’s in your opinion a strong advantage of composites in comparison to conventional materials?

A: The really fine thing about composites besides its mechanical properties is, that prototypes can be realized more cost efficient than in other styles, but offers many possibilities that can’t be realized with metal plates for example. In addition e.g carbon composites look impressive if they are clear coated – an eye catcher – what is in many cases important as prototypes should persuade customers, or should demonstrate the innovative power of a company.

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Alliance lightweight: Manufacturing and joining technologies from the perspective of lightweight

August 2nd, 2010 | By Thorsten Holtz in aerospace, Aerospace Industry, Automotive Industry, Business, Composite production, Exhibitors | No Comments »

Lightweight means to realize a weight reduction, with sufficient rigidity, dynamic stability and strength. This is to ensure that the developed components and structures fulfill their tasks safely over the period of use.

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Wings with a nervous system – Lighter, cheaper and more environmentally friendly

Juli 21st, 2010 | By Thorsten Holtz in aerospace, Aerospace Industry, Automotive Industry, Business, Engineering, Exhibitors, Innovation, Technology | No Comments »

The Fraunhofer Institute for Structural Durability and System Reliability LBF presented a four-meter-high exhibit at the COMPOSITES EUROPE – which is equipped with sensor technology SHM-wing mock-up of a light aircraft.

Fiber composites offer special advantages because of their lightweight potential in the aviation sector. The lightweight advantages may be more complex because of the damage behavior in comparison with metallic materials therefore they are not always fully exploit. In the airline for example, the impact is from foreign bodies in composite structures is a particular risk factor, limits the applications and often leads to large safety factors that require a certain amount of oversizing. Sensors which recognize, for example in the wing not externally visible structural damage at an early stage can reduce the inspection effort. The operational safety of the structure is ensured by the design and inspections at regular intervals manually. Through automated monitoring with additional structure integrated sensors can be saved in future costs and weight.

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