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New Blog Interview – VABATEC GmbH – Mr Gerolymos – Q&A – exhibitor at COMPOSITES EUROPE 2015 – booth number 7/E42

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Q: Please introduce yourself. What are your responsibilities within your company VABATEC GmbH?

A: My name is Eleftherios Gerolymos, I am the Managing Director of VABATEC® GmbH based in Munich (Germany).




Q: Could you give us a quick overview of your company VABATEC GmbH?

A: VABATEC® GmbH develops, produces and sells vacuum auxiliary materials for the production of composite components. Our product portfolio includes:

  • Vacuum Films (VABALON®)
  • Release Films (VABATEC®RF)
  • Flow Medias (VABATEC® IN)
  • Infusion Systems (VABATEC® IS)
  • Peel Plies (VABATEC® PP)
  • Release Plies (VABATEC® RP)
  • Breather Fabrics (VABATEC® BB)
  • Sealant Tapes (VABATEC® ST)
  • Adhesive Tapes (VABATEC® AT)

as well as various other items used in the production of components in the infusion or prepreg techniques.

Q: Has your company always worked in the field of composites?

A: Our products and their application areas are the result of our very long experience in the field of plastic films and the process materials for composite technologies.

Q: What kind of projects have you undertaken for clients?

A: We are working on various projects and product developments with e.g. companies in the wind energy, the automotive, the boat and the aerospace industry.


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New BLOG Interview – meet UBE in Düsseldorf – COMPOSITES EUROPE 7th to 9th of October – booth number E50 in hall 8a.

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UBE Europe GmbH & UBE Engineering Plastics S.A. – Our materials can be found in the whole solar system

New BLOG Interview – meet UBE in Düsseldorf – COMPOSITES EUROPE 7th to 9th of October – booth number E50 in hall 8a. and

Q: Please introduce yourself. What are your responsibilities within your company…?
A: As Managing Director of UBE Europe GmbH, Bruno De Bièvre is leading the business development activities for UBE’s composite related materials in Europe.  These activities are handled from the marketing office in Düsseldorf  and supported by UBE’s R&D Center in Spain (Castellon) and in Ube City (Japan).

Managing director Bruno De Bièvre. Company UBE Europe

Managing director Bruno De Bièvre. Company UBE Europe

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COMPOSITES EUROPE presents specialist programme covering trends and innovations

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CE_Composites_Forum_1_webTechnical principles, trends and innovations – in an international lecture forum, the COMPOSITES EUROPE trade fair will again present specialist lectures on current topics relevant to the industry in 2009. The COMPOSITES Forum will focus on all areas of composite applications. Topics range from crash-safe materials in the automotive field to sandwich panels in aircraft construction, from growth potential in the construction of wind energy parks to production and machining processes for composites. The programme features a total of 26 lectures and presentations in English and German.

From damage simulation to serial production
New technologies for the serial production of carbon-reinforced plastics (CRP) will be demonstrated by the IKV – Institut für Kunststoffverarbeitung of RWTH Aachen. The IKV scientists developed three new process chains enabling the production of materials with a fibre content exceeding 50 percent in less than ten minutes.

The mechanical behaviour of CRP sandwich panels in practical tests is explained by the speakers from Fraunhofer IWM for CRP foam core sandwich panels. In its lecture, the Fraunhofer Entwicklungszentrum für Röntgentechnik (EZRT) presents non-invasive test procedures, from 3D computer tomography to radioscopy to thermography and ultrasonic techniques.

Dassault Systemes Simulia provides information on possibilities for FEM analysis of lightweight fibre composite structures. The use of the finite element method allows predictions on processes of damage and failure in supercritical load conditions.

The combination of highly elastic composites and aesthetically pleasing design is demonstrated by Huntsman and D3 who cooperated closely in designing a sophisticated carbon fibre chair moulded in four parts. Products from Huntsman’s Araldite series were used in the project. The two companies show how complex parts can be produced simply and cost-effectively using simple tooling technology.

The COMPOSITES Forum is located in Hall 4 and designed as an open lecture area. Admission is free for all trade fair visitors.

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The mix is the key – metering and mixing systems for composites

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When large quantities of SMP modelling pastes or epoxy pastes are used, the Nodopox 200 mixing plant is employed (Photo: Tartler).The wind energy industry is one of the most important customers for composites; at the same time the greatest challenges are made here on the load-bearing capability of the fibre reinforced plastics. Consequently, not only the right raw materials but also their specific blend is a major precondition for use in wind energy.

The industrial production of the enormous blades would be impossible to achieve without the use of technical plastics. Production of the models or the moulds for constructing the rotor shells or the rotor blades as such would be impossible. Even the adhesion of the upper and lower shell would be virtually impossible to achieve.

Two-component metering and mixing systems are required so that the right mixture of epoxy and polyurethane resins as well as modelling and adhesive pastes can be used. A reputable manufacturer of this processing technique is Tartler GmbH from Lützelbach, which will demonstrate its competencies at the COMPOSITES EUROPE trade fair, which will take place from 27 to 29 October 2009 in Stuttgart.

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