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New Blog Interview – VABATEC GmbH – Mr Gerolymos – Q&A – exhibitor at COMPOSITES EUROPE 2015 – booth number 7/E42

September 4th, 2015 | By Angela in aerospace, Aerospace Industry, Automotive Industry, Business, Composite production, Exhibitors, Innovation, Technology | No Comments »

Q: Please introduce yourself. What are your responsibilities within your company VABATEC GmbH?

A: My name is Eleftherios Gerolymos, I am the Managing Director of VABATEC® GmbH based in Munich (Germany).




Q: Could you give us a quick overview of your company VABATEC GmbH?

A: VABATEC® GmbH develops, produces and sells vacuum auxiliary materials for the production of composite components. Our product portfolio includes:

  • Vacuum Films (VABALON®)
  • Release Films (VABATEC®RF)
  • Flow Medias (VABATEC® IN)
  • Infusion Systems (VABATEC® IS)
  • Peel Plies (VABATEC® PP)
  • Release Plies (VABATEC® RP)
  • Breather Fabrics (VABATEC® BB)
  • Sealant Tapes (VABATEC® ST)
  • Adhesive Tapes (VABATEC® AT)

as well as various other items used in the production of components in the infusion or prepreg techniques.

Q: Has your company always worked in the field of composites?

A: Our products and their application areas are the result of our very long experience in the field of plastic films and the process materials for composite technologies.

Q: What kind of projects have you undertaken for clients?

A: We are working on various projects and product developments with e.g. companies in the wind energy, the automotive, the boat and the aerospace industry.


Many thanks for this interesting interview. For more information please click



Q&A with Tom Margraf, Director of Engineering SPINTECH.

September 20th, 2013 | By Thorsten Holtz in aerospace, Automotive Industry, Business, Consumer, Defense, Manufacturing, Tooling | No Comments »

Q: Please introduce yourself. What are your responsibilities within your company…?
A: My name is Tom Margraf, I am the Director of Engineering for Smart Tooling, a division of Spintech LLC. based in Dayton, Ohio (USA).

Q: Could you give us a quick overview of your company…?
A: Spintech LLC. provides revolutionary shape memory polymer technologies for composites manufacturing and structural repairs in aerospace, energy, automotive, defense, and consumer Markets. Our patented Smart Tooling product line
allows us to provide companies with configurable, reusable tooling solutions for fabricating composite parts with complex geometries and/or trapped features that drastically reduce manufacturing labor and capital costs, while dramatically
increasing production rates.




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Interview with Maximilian Hacker, owner of BRComposites at the COMPOSITES EUROPE 2011

Oktober 17th, 2011 | By Angela in Allgemein, Automotive Industry, Boatbuilders, Business, Composite production, COMPOSITES Forum, Construction Industry, consulting, Design, Engineering, Exhibitors, General, Innovation, Sports industry, Technology | No Comments »


Maximilian Hacker is 25 years old and the owner of BRComposites. He absolved his training as procedural mechanics of plastic and rubber technology, specialized in fibre composites.

 Activities previous to his self-employment:

  1. Fischer & Entwicklung Landshut
  2. Pilatus Aircraft Schweiz
  3. Company with Formel 1 experience   (company name is not mentioned because of legal reasons)


MH: Maximilian Hacker

CE: Please introduce yourself. Who are you and what is your responsibility at BRComposites?

MH: BRComposites has exists for two years now. We are a young and very innovative company with a continuous strong growth. Furthermore, we think that  well-trained employees and to the original rules of craftsmanship are very important.

I am proud to say that we are already training employees. In my opinion there is still a lack of skilled workers in the composites industry.

We develop and offer individual production to our customers. Productions up to 10,000 standard parts are easily possible. In this way the volume of production is growing. Our production is done without autoclaves and everything is hand-made.
















CE: So how did you experience the COMPOSITES EUROPE 2011 show? What are your impressions?

MH: This is the first time for BRComposites as an exhibitor at the COMPOSITES EUROPE. Actually we have been planning the first exhibition in 2016. At least that has been the conclusion of a family dinner. However, by coincidental, I got a phone call from the COMPOSITES EUROPE team the next day. During this conversation I received information about a funding possibility through BMWi. Because of the funding possibility and the sponsoring by Jost Chemicals, which is a close partner, we decided to book a booth for the COMPOSITES EUROPE 2011.

Mr. Hacker was reacting spontaneously when we asked him about his feelings as participant of the CE 2011. He was euphorically describing the exhibition as gigantic. The company had a huge success, a great number of good meetings and contacts. The booth was constantly busy because so many visitors were interested in their products. In his opinion, the exhibition service and the whole organisation was very commendable.

We closed the interview by talking about the presentation of innovations brought by BRC.

BRComposites presented flexible carbon protectors which is already used e.g. by the v. The jacket (have a look at the picture) in the background is specially made for extreme mountainbikers and is equipped with flexible carbon protectors. All visitors have been wondering what kind of material this is. However, we could not get any detailed information.

Thank you so much for the interesting and open conversation with Mr. Hacker.

Car makers competing in CFRP race

August 22nd, 2011 | By Angela in Allgemein, Automotive Industry, Composite production, Construction Industry, Design, Engineering, Technology | No Comments »

Audi, too, has now joined the race. Following BMW’s deployment of SGL Carbon and Mercedes‘ use of Toray, Audi has now entered into a partnership devoted to the development and fully automatic production of carbon fibre-reinforced materials. In the future, Audi’s reputation as a pioneer of lightweight construction will not be based exclusively on its use of aluminium. Vehicles containing the new material will be marketed under the „ultra“ label.

In collaboration with the machinery manufacturer Voith, the Audi engineers are setting up the industrial-scale manufacture of fibre-reinforced materials for the series production of cars; their main goal is to develop a fully automatic process chain. With series production their ultimate target, both partners are devoting themselves not only to the creation of processing engineering and mass production methods for conventional fibre-reinforced plastics but also to the development of new and innovative high-tech materials.

Audi R8 GT Spyder are made from CFRP (Photo: Audi)

The long flap of the folding top cover and the large rear side panels of the Audi R8 GT Spyder are made from CFRP. (Photo: Audi)

To date, Audi has only used CFRPs in its high-priced super sports cars such as the Audi R8 GT Spyder. The long flap of the folding top cover and the large rear side panels of the recently launched 560 PS version of the sports car are made from CFRP. The material is also used in the modified front spoiler, in the fixed rear spoiler and in the new rear bumper. These components account for total weight savings of 5.5 kilograms.

„Low-fat vehicles“ featuring fibre composites will also be highlighted at the international Composites Europe (CE) trade fair, to be held from 27 to 29 September 2011 in Essen. The BMW partner SGL Carbon will be there to demonstrate its expertise. The company supplies the carbon fibres for the Megacity Vehicle. This is the first time in which CFRP parts have been used in large-scale series production. This takes the company a step closer to producing affordable lightweight vehicles suitable for mass production based on fibre composites – putting BMW a nose ahead in the technology race. This is shown by the efforts of the rivals who are doing all they can to catch up. Take Audi, for example: it has set up an interdisciplinary carbon fibre research unit at its Neckarsulm plant aimed at adapting the CFRP technology processes for use in series production. The sister marque Lamborghini has also set up a research unit for carbon fibre technologies at the new Advanced Composites Research Center (ACRC) in Sant’Agata Bolognese.

New Concept for AVK-conference 2011

Juni 3rd, 2011 | By Thorsten Holtz in aerospace, Aerospace Industry, Allgemein, Automotive Industry, Awards, Business, COMPOSITES Forum, General, Innovation | No Comments »

I just got information that in 2011 AVK-conference set up a new new concept.

Compressed into two lecture series high-level speakers inform about various applications of fiber reinforced plastics. Thematically, the two series be divided into decision-makers and technicians blocks. In this way the needs of stakeholders are met even more.

  • Structural lightweight applications of thermoplastic composites by Joachim Graefe, Quadrant Plastic Composites AG
  • Carbon-thermoplastic manufacturing for the A350 XWB – From Idea to Series Production by Dr. Klaus Edelmann, Airbus Operations Ltd.
  • SMC tailgate, which are used in automotive premium segment by Dr. Walter Aichholzer, Mercedes-Benz.

These are just some Topics for 2011 convention. As I am a big supporter of panel discussions I am looking forward to this: „Future prospects of fiber reinforced plastics in the automotive“.
Stuttgart is well known for Automotive so I guess there will be some interesting heads discussing this.

See you there!

More Information:
International AVK-Conference
26. bis 27. September 2011
ICS Internationalen Congresscenter, Stuttgart

Environmentally friendly and cost-reducing: fiber-reinforced composites are setting trends in lightweight design for the trucking industry – Part2

Mai 18th, 2010 | By Thorsten Holtz in Automotive Industry, Trucks | No Comments »

Sustainability and energy efficiency: What does the future look like for international freight traffic? What new approach can freight forwarders and logistics specialists adopt, so that they are able to transport their clients’ large loads under favorable conditions? How can such an approach ensure high environmental standards? The solution lies in lightweight design for trucks and freight containers, where fuel consumption and transport costs are reduced, CO2 emissions are lowered and climate friendliness is increased.

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Urban microcar or super sports vehicle – Composites lower both weight and consumption

März 18th, 2010 | By Thorsten Holtz in Automotive Industry | 2 Comments »

The first is 2.59 meters long with an efficient electric motor designed for nipping round towns and cities (top speed 120 km/h).

Rinspeed UC

The second is a luxury sports car delivering Read Full Post

„Carbon Fiber Composites Research and Development at Automobili Lamborghini“

Oktober 12th, 2009 | By Angela in Automotive Industry, Innovation | No Comments »

1mur_sv_3-4_front_midPolymer composites have been in use at Automobili Lamborghini since 1983, and since 2001 carbon fiber composites have been used for the production of all body panels and several portions of the spaceframe structure of the Murciélago. At the International AVK Conference (26.-27 October 2009, Stuttgart) Maurizio Reggiani (Vice-president of R&D and CTO, Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A.) and Paolo Feraboli (Professor and Director of the Automobili Lamborghini Composites Laboratory) will present the composites research and development at Automobili Lamborghini. The presentation will be divided in two sections.

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SuperLightCar at the Aachen Body Engineering Days 2009

August 31st, 2009 | By Angela in Automotive Industry, Exhibitors, Innovation | No Comments »

IKA_SLC_LeichtbaukarosseOn September 22nd and 23rd the Aachen Body Engineering Days take place at the Institut für Kraftfahrzeuge (IKA) of RWTH Aachen University. Well known speakers from research and industry will discuss about recent developments in car body engineering at the international conference. Among the speakers are: Prof. Dr. Rudolph C. Stauber (BMW AG), Dr. Matthias Rabe (Volkswagen AG) and Dr. Ulrich Eichhorn (Bentley Motors Ltd.).

Car bodies, vehicles and technology demonstrators are presented in an additional technical exhibition. Some of the highlights will be the Porsche Panamera, the BMW 5er GT, the new VW Polo, the Mercedes SLS AMG, ThyssenKrupps InCar and the SuperLightCar. Some plastic applications in modern car body engineering will also be presented.

From 27 to 29. October IKA will be represented at COMPOSITES EUROPE (Halle 4, Stand G28).

High-tech fibres for high speed runabouts

August 24th, 2009 | By Angela in Automotive Industry, Composite production, Exhibitors, Innovation | No Comments »

When developing sports cars, in this case a Formula 1 model of Transtec AG, the manufacturers preferred the use of epoxy based composite materials (Photo: Transtec AG/Pressebox).Block material is usually used for the manufacture of ultra firm, lighter weight carbon composites.  This involves the curing of a combination of epoxy resins, micro glass spheres and a curing agent in an autoclave.  When curing the pre-impregnated carbon fibres, a composite laminate is produced in the same shape as the original model.  This in turn forms the basis for the pertinent carbon component.  Epoxy based composite materials have become the norm especially for high speed use, for example in Formula 1.

Block materials are also becoming the norm not only in high-tech applications, such as those for speedy runabouts, but also in other industries.  In addition to the customary automobile industry, examples can also be found in railway and ship building as well as in aviation.  In addition, companies in the wind energy sector are increasingly relying on the blocks that are stuck together from slabs in defined standard sizes.  At the Composites Europe Trade Fair, which will take place in Stuttgart from 27 to 29 October 2009, high-tech as well as routine applications will be on display.

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