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Combining economical viability and the efficient use of resources

Mai 20th, 2010 | By Thorsten Holtz in Resources | No Comments »

Sustainability and questions it raises regarding the effects materials, products and processes have on the environment is a major current topic and one that influences all aspects of business.  The automotive and electronic industries have already implemented current regulations on recycling and CO2 emissions. Demands on the use of sustainable materials and products in the building industry amongst others are now gaining pace too.

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Environmentally friendly and cost-reducing: fiber-reinforced composites are setting trends in lightweight design for the trucking industry – Part2

Mai 18th, 2010 | By Thorsten Holtz in Automotive Industry, Trucks | No Comments »

Sustainability and energy efficiency: What does the future look like for international freight traffic? What new approach can freight forwarders and logistics specialists adopt, so that they are able to transport their clients’ large loads under favorable conditions? How can such an approach ensure high environmental standards? The solution lies in lightweight design for trucks and freight containers, where fuel consumption and transport costs are reduced, CO2 emissions are lowered and climate friendliness is increased.

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