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Interview with Axel Reinsch – CEO – ar engineers GmbH, Hamburg

August 8th, 2014 | By Angela in Automotive Industry, Boatbuilders, Business, Composite production, Defense, Engineering, Exhibitors, Innovation, Marine, Wind Energy Industry | No Comments »

Meet ar engineers GmbH at COMPOSITES EUROPE 2014 exhibition – booth number A26 in hall 8b

1. Please introduce yourself. What are your responsibilities within your company…?

I am a composite boatbuilder and aircraft engineer, so I’m working in the field of composites for more than 15 years. After a few years of work experience in different countries and projects for the Formula 1, Americas Cup or other industries I decided to found my own engineering office for composites simulation.

ar engineers

Axel Reinsch – CEO

2. Could you give us a quick overview of your company…?

ar engineers was founded in 2010 and is based in Hamburg. From then on it grew constantly to now seven employees to find smart solutions for customized composite challenges in the naval, automotive, wind power, defence or other industries.

3. You will exhibit the first time. Has your company always worked in the field of composites?

ar engineers was founded with the goal to work in the field of composites to get the most out of fibre structures and fulfil the demands of today’s challenging market. Therefor we are focused on simulation with FEA with the background of modern composite production right from the beginning.


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Friday interview with Daniel Berhorn de Pinho and Elias Kaier – Akademsiche Fliegergruppe Stuttgart e.V.

September 6th, 2013 | By Angela in aerospace, Aerospace Industry, Business, Composite production, Construction Industry, Design, Engineering, Innovation, Sports industry | No Comments »

Interview with Daniel Berhorn de Pinho (DB) and Elias Kaier (EK) from Akademsiche Fliegergruppe Stuttgart e.V.

Akademische Fliegergruppe is a student association. Meet them at the show!

1. Please introduce yourself. What are your responsibilities at Akademische Fliegergruppe Stuttgart e.V?

DB: My name ist Daniel Berhorn de Pinho, I am a mechanical engineering student at the University of Stuttgart and the Chairman of the Akademische Fliegergruppe Stuttgart e.V.

2. Could you give us a quick overview of Akademische Fliegergruppe Stuttgart e.V.?

EK: The Akademische Fliegergruppe Stuttgart e.V. (or Akaflieg Stuttgart) is an Association of Students of the University of Stuttgart. We develop, construct and fly aircraft, mainly Sailplanes. In the Akaflieg students get the chance to apply the theory they learn in the university to an actual project, getting the practical knowlegde that usually comes up short in the course of study.















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COMPOSITES CHINA: Premiere in July 2011

Mai 31st, 2011 | By Frank in aerospace, Aerospace Industry, Allgemein, Construction Industry, General, SHANGHAI, Technology | No Comments »

After the success of COMPOSITES EUROPE, the European Trade Fair and Forum for Composite Materials, Technology and Applications, the trade fair organiser Reed Exhibitions is launching a new event in Asia.

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